Friday, January 31, 2020

Customer Care Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Customer Care - Article Example Management must always ensure that staff members are motivated. The empowerment of employees has been delineated from different perspectives, but generally means the process of making it possible for the employees to have input and control over their roles and responsibilities. It is also the ability of sharing ideas, suggestions about the daily running of the organization. Research proves that employees, who are empowered, are often empowered, conscientious and committed to the performance of the organization. They usually care about the future missions, vision, objectives and long term goals of the firm. The discussion in this paper will focus on the importance of empowering customer service employees. The customer service management is one of the central points that dictate the performance of the company. A repeated business is only possible if the customers are treated well and given reason to do business with the organization again. Some of the importance of empowering customer service employees includes; It is proved that when customer service employees are satisfied, it is likely that they will embrace their job. The satisfaction of the employees will enhance the performance of the staff members, ensure their retention and adopt superb customer skills when handling organizations clients. Satisfied employees will feel that they are part of the organization and that they are important to the daily operations of the company. Satisfactions of the employees will make them feel comfortable and confident in their daily routines. The sense of pride when associating with the organization can be easily sensed. Given that customer service employees are the face of the company, the impression they give to the customers will impact customer-company relationship. Poor services from the team will drive the customers away. Therefore a high retention

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