Monday, November 25, 2019

Commentary on 1984 Essays

Commentary on 1984 Essays Commentary on 1984 Essay Commentary on 1984 Essay Essay Topic: 1984 The main focus of a totalitarian society is their pursue for control. This may manifest in an individual’s mind, or of the physical body. This is mostly done by the establishment of many control measures; where the failure to obey these rules, will often result in death. However, when an individual has been pushed to the edge of life, the desperation to preserve one’s life becomes apparent. The struggles to live, and the absolute control of the party, is evident in the selected passage of, 1984. This passage is where Winston, buried under the oppressive government, faces the challenge of staying alive after defying party rules. Orwell utilizes the paragraph structure, punctuation, capitalization of certain words, figurative language, and deliberate word choice to describe the struggle for an individual’s preservation of life. Additionally, it demonstrates the measures the party is willing to take to prevent that survival. In the first and second paragraph of this passage, Winston discusses his discontent with his current life. He decides to openly defy the party by expressing his thoughts in his diary. The first paragraphs consists of short, concise, sentences that are created by the frequent use of periods. They illustrate the discomfort Winston feels of the current reality, where he could not fluently form his thoughts in the reality he is faced with. Not only are the paragraphs made up of short sentences, a lack of description of can also be seen, where Winston simply states, â€Å"He must live in ten minutes. He had to be back at work by fourteen-thirty.† The lack of description of these paragraphs, suggests Winston’s shortage of thoughts towards the current reality. This again shows his dismay of the truth created by the government. Since Winston is portrayed as an analytical person in this novel, the lack of details further shows how uncomfortable Winston is of thinking about his reality. This also shows how thoughts ar

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