Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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If you go back to the Old House, it's in ruins and the Clock Tower is gone. But remember this place to come back later when you have some items that you don't have at the moment... At Father's House, the baby bird is spreading its wings. Unfortunately, it doesn't say anything with a Relay. One of the books you may be able to read now is here too: Level 15 (Shield Pack). Don't worry if you're not up this high yet; if you keep fighting monsters you'll either get there, or you'll spend so much on curing damage that you'll eventually figure out you need to kill easier monsters for a while to get levels so you can add points to the Robots. It helps too if you raise the levels of the Robots' weapons, or build and give them better Boots or Shields. If you did manage to get to Level 19 already, read the book for Weather and follow the instructions in the Scraps section to get ScrapB. You can do this later though, with no ill effects. OK, let's go on a trip to South Isle! Go to the Harbor area, which is monster-free. Talk to the man in the grass skirt, then walk onto the boat. Wait while it toils across the seas of Quintenix. You'll arrive at the Pier area on South Isle. When you leave the area, the path to the Village area is revealed. Mint and more natives are in there, and the screen shakes along with a sound effect like a helicopter (on my emulator, at least); that's the Volcano. There's a Tool Shop in the Village, but it has the same stock as the one in Rococo and the prices are 50% higher. Find the Shaman's house in the northwest, and then enter the Elder's house in the northeast. Now visit the Shaman's house, and note that blocked door in the first room for later. Or you can skip all the background information, including talking to the Mayor, and just talk to the native in the Inn and then moving into the left bed. There will be a dream sequence with a gold robot at the Volcano. Talk to the native standing near the exit, and the path to the Volcano area will be revealed when you leave. The Volcano area is monster-free (for now). Explore it and get the Celtis 1 and $300 treasures before you talk to the native blocking the stairs to the hole.

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