Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Multivariate of family Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Multivariate of family - Essay Example Though some things are natural for people, Santorum restricts any variations, which may occur as the society develops, and expands its norms and traditions to adjust to the changing nature of human relations. Human beings develop certain connections and ties that help them function effectively with regard to their daily duties and responsibilities. I would say that society is built on the rules and norms, as well as freedoms and liberties. In this case, rules serve to restrict freedoms to the extent that prevents violence, reduces risk of anarchy, and regulates different types of relations, including those between family members, colleagues, officials, or laws enforcement units. â€Å"When liberals think about society, they see only â€Å"individuals† – not men and women and children† (Santorum 129). The fact that individuals act in a specific way, which does not differ greatly from what the society considers normal, it goes as something natural regardless of the gender, age, or social position. When individuals within the social framework need some retreat from the natural laws and it does not contradict the social norm greatly, it may serve on the same basis as eve rything that have been established for effective functioning of society. When individuals go to work and receive wages, this is treated as normal, whereas any deviation from this norm results in strikes and demonstrations of social protest. The same happens when people enjoy certain rights and freedoms on a daily basis, not wanting to refuse from those freedoms for the sake of natural vision. According to Santorum, the society that has other formula for the family than the one that is based on a heterosexual relations of a man and a woman, should be treated as â€Å"a false vision, because nature is nature, and the freedom to choose against the natural law is not really freedom at

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