Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Transcultural Health Care - Cuban Culture Case Study

Transcultural Health Care - Cuban Culture - Case Study Example Below is the analysis of the case based on Cuban culture. Simpatia, personalism, and choteo are the communication patterns in Cuban culture that I should be aware of when dealing with Mrs Hernandes. Simpania, according to Purnell (2012, pp. 200), defines the need for a cordial relationship between parties and focuses on â€Å"courtesy, respect,† and conflict avoidance. Personalismo, however, establishes the supremacy of relationships over rules and positions while choteo defines a light attitude. The patterns are necessary because they define barriers to communication and interactions, and awareness and understanding of the patterns help in eliminating the barriers. I would apply two strategies in helping Mrs Hernandez to develop a plan a plan for diet and exercise. My first strategy would be to convince her of the significance of the plan to her health and I would use data from other patients’ experiences to show her how she would benefit from the plan. My next strategy would be equipping her with skills for developing the plan before demonstrating to her how to make a plan. I would inform her of the necessary components of the plan such as food quantity, amount of calorie per unit of each food, total amount of calorie per food in each meal, and total amounts of calorie for each meal and each day and type of exercise, duration for each type, and frequency of each type of exercise per week. I would not encourage Mrs Hernandez to go to Botanica for some herbs because even though some of the herbs have medicinal value, their contents are not accurate. This makes the herbs less effective and less efficient than are modern drugs, especially because botanica products are not strictly regulated (The World Health Organization, 2014, pp. 1). I would approach her desire to use herbs instead of the prescribed agent by empathizing with her condition and ensuring that she recognizes my experience.  Ã‚  

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